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WELCOME TO FOURTH GRADE!  This website will help provide parents and students with school and classroom information.



Your child received information for their first book report today.  There should be two packets.  The first packet includes directions, the grading scale, and pages for their first draft of the report.  The second packet includes the pages for the final copy that will need to be assembled.

All due dates were written in your child’s planner.

1.       Book choice for report- due October 2nd

 (this can be a book already read this school year, but not from previous years.)

2.       Rough draft of report- due October 17th

3.       Final copy of report- due October 30th

Children have all month to complete this report, so their very best work is expected.    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Homework Tonight
Math- none
Reading/Spelling- Packet 5 due Thursday
Reading Comprehension- The Bijou Ghost packet- due Thursday
Please note that there is now a reading comprehension packet each week that your child will need to complete.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Homework Tonight
Math- Lesson 11 Homework page--due tomorrow
Reading/Spelling- Packet due tomorrow
Math Tonight
Yes, your child has math homework tonight.  It is due TOMORROW.  They are to finish todays class assignment, which we did most of together in class.  This should not take them an absorbent amount of time and they should finish fairly quickly. 
Note:  Some children were struggling with explaining a pattern of numbers (problem 4).  The book wants children to understand that they are adding or subtracting in a pattern by 100, 1,000, 100,000, etc.  A correct explanation for problem ''A' would be:  I added ten thousand each time.
Extra Copies of Homework
Please note that with paper and budget constraints at Sonoma school, extra copies of homework are not always available for students.  It is important that your child is responsible for keeping their work in a secure place and returning it to school.
Ice Cream Social
Who doesn't love FREE ice cream??  Please mark your calendars for this Thursday's Ice Cream Social from 6-7 P.M.  This is a great opportunity to meet the Sonoma staff and P.T.A. as well as other wonderful Sonoma families.  I hope to see you all there!
**Notes were sent home with students today.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.
At todays staff meeting we were informed that all school field trips are on hold due to bussing issues.  Even classes such as ours that had secured grants or funding for bussing will not be able to use district busses.  The district is requiring that we try to secure a bus through Storer transportation at a much greater expense.  Unfortunately Sonoma has such a limited budget that we cannot accommodate this additional expense.  Mr. Willett will be updating us on this situation if it changes, but as it stands now,  fourth grade classes will not be able to go on any scheduled field trips.  I know that this is very disappointing news.  I will keep you all posted on any new information that comes my way, but wanted to keep you all informed.
40 Book Reading Challenge Help
Many of you asked for help in finding books of different genres for your child to read. Scholastic has a wonderful website where you can search books by genre and grade level. Thanks to the help of Mrs. Ulmer, the accelerated reader program is up and running at our school. Children will be able to take their STAR reading test this week so that we know their reading levels and can help them choose appropriate books. Here is the website: You can also use the A.R. book finder to search for books at different reading levels and genres. Use the link to the left.
Math Help!!
It was great getting to see you all at Back To School Night. As we discussed, the EngageNY math program is going to ask students, and us, to look at math differently than we ever have before. I found that Oakdale Unified school district has created homework help for each module that we will be working through. This a great resource for when that dreaded math homework comes home. I encourage you to check it out!  Please note that the site is a work in progress, so it is not perfect and does not have everything up yet.   EngageNY Homework Help
Welcome Parents!
It is hard to believe that it is already time for a new school year to begin. I am delighted to be your child’s teacher. This is a wonderful class of hardworking students and supportive parents It is a wonderful environment in which your child can safely learn and grow. I know that this is going to be an exciting year for all of us! To make the transition to fourth grade as smooth as possible and to ensure that this is your child’s best year, there are many policies and programs in our class that I would like for you to be aware of. I strongly believe that your child’s success in school not only depends on what I do as your child’s teacher, but also what you do as a parent to support your child throughout his/her educational experience. I hope that this letter serves as a means of information regarding routines and procedures that I will be using in my classroom. I will be discussing all of this with the students, but it would be helpful if you would go over them with your child as well. That way not only will your child know what I expect, but your child will be aware of the fact that you know what I expect as well. I have found that this has been extremely beneficial to everyone involved. One of the first topics that I would like to discuss is the class homework program and expectations. Each student will need a folder to help them organize their homework and other papers that need to be returned to school, and papers that can stay at home. We will work together in class on organizing papers and class work. Please be sure to go through the folder regularly with your child. They will need to have this folder with them at school everyday. Students will also receive a planner in which we will be recording all homework assignments. This way you and your child can see what work needs to be completed for the week and any long term assignments. I encourage you to check your child’s planner regularly to ensure that all work is being completed. Students are expected to read at home for at least 90 minutes a week. Students will be recording the books they are reading on their reading log each night. Please be sure to review your child’s entries to verify that your child has read. I will be checking their logs regularly. Over the course of the first trimester fourth graders are encouraged to read books at their reading level. We will be using the STAR reading portion of the Accelerated Reader program to help students determine their reading level and progress throughout the year. They will not however, be required to earn A.R. points. Instead, they will be participating in a 40 book challenge. I will be challenging your child to read 40 books this school year. This will allow your child to experience books of different genres and develop a lifelong love of reading. We will be going over this thoroughly in class and at Back to School Night. In addition to reading each night, your child will receive a weekly Spelling packet each Thursday . This packet will be due the following Thursday. Spelling tests will be every Thursday. Reading and Math homework will typically consist of any unfinished class work or an enrichment/review page that will be due the next day. Any unfinished class work will be placed in the homework folder to be returned the next day. It is my hope that this will allow you and your child flexibility in completing the work, and help your child develop time management and planning skills. Special projects and book reports will also come home with lots of advance notice and instructions. The next topic I would like to discuss is your child’s class work. In order to keep you informed of daily and weekly progress, your child will bring home a “Finished Work” folder most Fridays. This folder will have examples of his/her daily work and tests. Please look over the enclosed work, sign and date the signature log (attached to the folder), and have your child return the folder on the following Monday. Please go over test items with your child and quiz them during the week on items they have missed so that they may conquer those errors. Your signature on this form indicates that you’ve received, examined, and discussed your child’s work with him/her. I’ll also request your signature on certain tests and assignments to be sure that you’ve received them and are aware of his/her progress. This year our school district is shifting to common core standards. In Language Arts we will be using the Houghton Mifflin reading program. We will be focusing on reading fluency and comprehension. In mathematics we will be using the Engage NY program. This is a step by step program that will help build your child’s number sense and problem solving abilities. This program is going to challenge your child to think far beyond what they are used to. The work that your child brings home will look different than what you are used to seeing. Do not worry! Please rest assured that your child will be just fine. I am certain that with hard work they will rise to the occasion and be very successful. To help keep you up to date on upcoming events, daily assignments, and other important school information I have created a class website. On the website you can find some helpful links for math and language arts help. I will be posting math vocabulary as well as math help ideas as a reference for you to use with homework. There is also a class calendar and other district links. I strongly encourage you to visit the website regularly If your child is absent, please be sure to check the blog for assignments they missed and will need to make up. It is also important to remember that if your child is absent, they are still responsible for completing any missed class and homework. You can access our blog at I know that this seems like an overwhelming amount of information. However, I feel it is important that you are aware of what is going on at school in order to help your child have a meaningful year. I am very confident this year will be a successful and meaningful one for your child. My purpose and goal is to make certain that it is a success. I invite you to be a part of our class family and look forward to working with your and your child. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at 576-4683. You can also email me at You may use the QR code below. Please do not hesitate to “touch base” concerning your child’s performance or needs. Remember-together we can make a difference! Sincerely, Mrs. Riley
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